• Love the Space You\'re In

    Love the Space You're In

    Painting with Style and Passion from Princess Painting

  • Interior and Exterior Painting

    Interior and Exterior Painting

    We proudly use Benjamin Moore products...

  • Color Your World...

    Color Your World...

    Female Owned and Operated

  • Free Estimates

    Free Estimates

    Space planning, Faux finishes, Feng Shui, Curb Appeal

  • Recreate Your Space

    Recreate Your Space

    Bring Out the Personality in Each Room

  • Improve Your Business!

    Improve Your Business!

    Give Your Business Space a Makeover

See What Color Can Do For You

Princess Painting...... Female-Owned-and-Operated since 2001


We do beautiful things with Color

During a color consultation I will bring the colors to your space. I will pull out your personality and put it into color in order to express you. You need to have the right balance of color and a touch of practcality to have a warm and inviting space.

Space Planning

Moving, adding, eliminating items in your space in order to achieve flow and a sense of balance to any room.

Curb Appeal

Re creating your outdoor impression.
The flow of color and positioning of outdoor items has a huge effect on the overall look to your exterior. Simple changes; shutters, door and lighting choices/changes can have a great effect on your look.

Interior Painting

All painting is done by hand,by me, no tape, no mess. Minimum of 2 coats, proud user of Benjamin Moore products. Over 11 years experience.

Faux Finishes

Aging, Indigo Denim, Bright Canvas, Natural Linen, Antiqued Leather, Color Washing, Ragging, Spongeing, River rock , Candle Light, Suede and Bagging

Feng Shui

Is your house not selling? Do your children not sleep through the night? Do house guests constantly decline? Are you in a bad mood often? Proper placement of items in order to achieve balance is very important.